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   The all-nighter and all-dayer: a hazy string of Tusker beer that blur with the mornings sun. As exhausted as you are, with your head swimming in a beer-induced hangover, the relaxing swimming pool becomes a place of refuge and the chef’s superb food helps dissolve hangovers like no other. Breakfast slowly rolls into lunch. So you think you’ll put off sleep ’til later that afternoon, but the afternoon at the beach is electric. What with all that olive flesh shining from the sand, sleep will have to wait. Next thing you know it’s night time and once again, not a real good time to be sleeping….and so it is, every night of the week, August time, Mombasa Backpackers. Kenya’s Indian Ocean.


 For your drinking pleasure there is also a full bar available with all sorts of drinks and shots (top shelf/low shelf). We also count with a large number of local brews including the classic Tusker, Tusker malt, White Cap, Pilsener, and Pilsener Ice. We also, depending on availability, offer a large selection of imported beers such as Asahi, Stella Artois, Leffe, Duvel, Paulaner, Pilsener Urquell, Corona, Miller, Hoegaarden, Franziskaner, Castle, Peroni, Carlsberg, Chimay, Bavaria, Becks, Heineken, Tsingtao, etc. For the ladies we have a nice selection of Ciders and Bacardi Breezers. Our bar also has WiFi and a plasma DSTV, so you wont miss your favorite team’s game, and speakers for you to share your tunes with us.


                  “I didn’t climb to the top of the food chain to be a vegetarian”

Our restaurant is open from 7 in the morning until 10 in the evening. The menu, created by former guests, is diverse and affordable. This way we make sure we’ll please
everybody. Our infamous all-you-can-eat weekend

has been attracting guests back to the Backpackers over and
over. Just wandering around the Backpackers on a Saturday night and you will see how the BBQ has the ability to lure its patrons in with the smell. Juicy grilled Boerewors sausages, smoldering sauces, brimming grills with chicken, stake and of course the fresh healthy salads. BBQ at the Backpackers is always a meal of epic proportions.  One person can eat until the verge of gastrointestinal catastrophe for under $7.

 On the menu you will find breakfast, snacks (samosas, cheese quesadillas, fish fingers), desserts, a large variety of sandwiches (BLT, tuna mayo, hot boar sausage sandwich, veggie sandwich, chicken sandwich), salads and main courses such as grilled fish, chicken stir fry, curries, spaghetti, beef/veggie tacos, beef/veggie fajitas). Vegetarians and meat lovers have all their needs covered.








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