So you go to a psychologist hoping that at least someone will give a crap about your opinion. Fear no more. Mombasa Backpackers advices you to get out of your comfort zone and travel…and why not? there are million reasons to travel, that’s a platitude you hear a lot. To meet new people and new cultures. To be so jetlagged your IQ drops in half for a day. To have your cell phone reads “no service”. To eat some weird $h!t with a smile. To get bronze. To learn some dirty words in a foreign language, then learn some useful ones. To ride a bus with chickens on it. To smell like mosquito repellent for a week. To find the place you want to retire. To meet the love of your life. To dig your bus out of the mud, or sand. TO GET TATTOOED!!!


   In case you would like to have a permanent memory of your time in Africa, the Backpackers offers you just that. Depending on availability our friends Ryan Holden (Canada), Newton (Kenya), Gary Middlewick (South Africa) & Nick Shen (Arizona) would be more than happy to ink you. The latest and proper equipment has been brought to the Backpackers from the United States. Please click HERE to see Mombasa Backpackers tattoo portfolio of the work he has done with our guests.




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