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     Kenya is an adventure on a string. Yank anytime and yo-yo-like behaving carelessly thinking your muzungu status can haul you out of trouble. At least that’s the picture a hard-bitten traveller will mockingly draw for you. What the traveler doesn’t say — what’s shocked many a happy safari tourist expecting a Disneyland ticket to “the Lion King” is that Kenya is…

  …unpredictable. And for the newly arrived backpacker from abroad: Half beauty queen, half booby trap. Be it broken keyhole or sketchy car park at night. The same way Nairobi squeezes slums up next to its poshest resorts, hoping you miss a turn. That fleeting, frustrating unpredictability protects Kenya’s secrets like thorns on a rose. It has helped keep the jewels of Kenya off the radar. Yet, some travelers do come, armed to the teeth with technology and amassed know-how.  To a destination which, to them, is just a quick plane ride to warm water, cheap lodging, and no language barrier. But the average Backpacker is still scarcely more than a pirate, faring hardly any better than Blackbeard et al in their quest to reap the region’s bounty; its precious jewels. He raids, plunders, and departs. Sometimes turning up treasure in the form of perfect rafting, other times rock climbing snow-capped rocky African mountains right on the equator. That’s Kenya’s way of saying thanks for sticking it out, appreciating its different characters. A little bit groovy, plenty aggressive, seductive, and dangerous. Kenya rewards commitment with a special vibe and appeal all on its own. Those who are wise and patient enough will eventually earn the hidden jewels of this amazing land. You’ll earn it through time, experience, and one skunking after another. But at the end of the day, the juice is worth the squeeze. 


  Mombasa Backpackers recommends our friends Savage Wilderness Safaris for your adventures inland. They are the adventure leaders in East Africa, providing unique, breathtaking experiences in exceptional surroundings. Led by an international team of outdoor experts, fully trained to provide the highest safety standards.


    If lucky enough you might bump into senior river guide Kris Collyer (photo), who chills at the Backpackers whenever he swings by Mombasa. Otherwise ask for David at the front desk to inquire about their latest deals to Mombasa Backpackers guests. 



The two main activities they offer are:

*Excellent programme of technical climbing, expedition trekking  and rock climbing on artificial or natural walls.                                                                   

The first two photos shown below are Team Savage Safari at the top of Mount Kenya’s Nelion peak. 5188m. Third photo is Mt. Kenya at its best, which, in order for you to reach the top you need proper mountain climbing skills unlike Mt Kilimanjaro which  is just a hike. Or In the words of Mr. Mwangi, my first ever Mt Kenya climbing kikuyu guide, who spits insults between sentences while chewing kat, “Mt Kilimanjaro is for faggots – and boyfriends of faggots” . Harsh? Yes. Politically Incorrect? Offensively so. True? Absolutely.


Weather by meteoexploration


*White water Rafting/kayaking on the River Tana/Mathioya.                                   

If you are rafting Tana or Mathioya during raining season, besides sh!tt!ng bricks on a pile of rocks, you are either charging, swallowing water, or diving into the river. Or probably all three. And that’s when you know you are having an adventure. When your head hurts from the sun and the heat, water in your sinus cavities and your brain throbbing from too many bounces. In other words: a good pain. An appreciated punishment. One you’ve earned. That you’ve volunteered for.


Other activities include: 

*Zip Lining across the river Tana.

*Mountain Biking around the Kiambichu forest.*

*Sailing and sea Kayaking.

*Bungee Jumping.

*walking trips around Mt Kenya, Mt Kilimanjaro and Mt Elgon. 

*Sun Downers.


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