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 “Congratulations, so you’ve managed to scrape enough money together to afford a trip to a sun-infested tropical paradise. Soon you’ll know how good it feels to strip down to your bathing suit after an endless plane ride and jump face-first into a foreign ocean to wash off the stink from that transatlantic cattle car flight. Convenient for you, Mombasa Backpackers is just a stone’s throw away from the white sand and turquoise water of nyali beach “.

  So you go to a physiologist to think someone gives a crap about your opinion. Fear no more. Mombasa Backpackers welcomes you, for who you are…we all have opinions tho. So here are two opinions/reviews of the biggest guidebooks in the world, Rough Guide & Lonely Planet, for Mombasa Backpackers. 






Mombasa Backpackers…

…was born in May 2010 and has been an instant hit among travellers, scuba divers and kite surfers roaming the East African coast. We are centrally located 10min. north of Mombasa’s chaotic city center in a peaceful quiet suburb called Nyali. From here you can still see the city, but you can’t hear it, nor smell it.

   At Mombasa Backpackers we have created that much needed chill out, budget, independent traveller-oriented environment to recharge your batteries. Giving you the chance to relax in a country that has little mercy for the slow or unsure and could be best described as bittersweet. Don’t be put off though; Mombasa has endemic assets that make it uniquely attractive. Its number one asset being that good, good weather. Picture yourself strolling down the beach with a sunny nuclear-blue sky and the sun weighing down on you like a sumo wrestler in some dry sauna. When in Mombasa bring enough sunblock to slather your entire body for a week, otherwise Mombasa’s sun will melt your skin off and you’ll feel like an unrising loaf of bread – baked !!! 


* All prices are inclusive of 16% VAT, and 2% Training Levy

* Photo ID must be shown upon arrival

* Free tea and coffee until noon + free WiFi.



“..If you’re not living good, travel wide. Soul rebel, soul adventurer.” – Bob Marley

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